Online Bingo in South Africa

Whereas it is technically and legally illegal for a bingo site to operate from within South Africa, there is no legal framework to regulate online casino operators. This is despite the fact that online casino game developers have been allowed to operate (and of course taxed) out of major cities in South Africa. However, recent changes has opened the doors for European casinos to start taking ZAR-based bets and offer their range of casino and Bingo games to the local market. To see just some of the many casino and bingo game options available from online casino operators which are licensed, regulated and approved to market to the South African gambler, click here: { }

Some background of online Bingo

Bingo is said to have originated around the 1500s where a derivative of a lottery game called, 'Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia' was probably played by monks. This game is still played in Italy on Saturdays. The game spread from Italy to France in the latter part of the 1770s, where, called "Le Lotto", it was enjoyed among the French aristocracy. The game reached the USA in the early part of the 1900s where the popularity spread to casinos. With the commercialisation of the Internet and web-based gambling in the mid 1990s, a free bingo game was the first to appear online, called Bingo Zone. Another pioneer of online Bingo was launched as Bingo Blitz in 1998.

  • Based on Lottery games
  • Spread to casinos in the USA
  • Various versions
  • Online in 1996

Although the origins of the game Bingo can be traced back hundreds of years, the basic rules and gameplay has remained the same. In online Bingo there are normally three different variants to play, namely: 75-ball, 80-ball or 90-ball Bingo. Online Bingo has become very popular due to the fast-moving pace compared to the traditional game played in bingo halls or at land-based casinos where there are long stretches on inactivity between games. The game is played from Bingo cards which the players purchases. These cards will have a set of numbers printed on them with the central space in the middle row left blank. The more cards the player, purchases the more bets he is placing on the game.

Online Bingo gameplay

Where the game is played online or in a land-based environment, the rules are the same. One aspect that depends on the relevant online casino is the ways that you can win at a game of Bingo. Broadly there are three ways to win: One is a Line win where you mark off a horisontal line of numbers. Two is a 2-Line win where two rows need to marked off and the last way is a Full House where the entire card needs to be marked off. Of course, online gaming software can become more creative in winning ways so check with the casino you are playing at. A big online advantage is that the player can purchase as many cards as he can afford.

Another advantage of the online Bingo version is that the numbers are crossed off or covered automatically by the game software. The advantage to the player is that while the game is in progress, he can play side games or engage with other players via chat. Bingo has after all been traditionally a social game and the online scenario lends itself to just that. Some basic online Bingo tips that you can employ is firstly to make sure you are playing for the right reasons. Bingo is a game of chance and skill has nothing to do with it. Online Bingo is more about the experience. Another tip is to set yourself financial limits, stick to them and not to get carried away emotionally.

How do I play online in South Africa?

To get started by playing online Bingo in South Africa is to verify the online casino that you are playing at and vet their withdrawal processes. Also pick the right time of day to play Bingo online. Although after hours might be more convenient, remember that it is convenient for thousands of other people too. Increase your winning chances by finding sites with less payers and choose a suitable time. If you keep your game play basic and play with a suitable amount of cards, you won't get confused and will be able to track your cards. Online Bingo is a social game and the experience can be just as rewarding as winning big money.